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WLN & Associates, LLC Research Center Resource Library:

We maintain an extensive reference library focused on the management and operation of hospitals and the clinical services provided within hospitals.  Our Research Associate assists clients in researching and identifying significant factors related to given management/operational issues.

Suggested reading:
Berry, Leonard L./ Seltman, Kent D.
Management Lessons from the Mayo Clinic
Champy, Jim/Greenspun, Harry, M.D.Reengineering Health Care
Colvin, GeoffTalent is Overrated
Gittell, Jody Hoffer
High Performance Healthcare
Goldratt, Eliyahu/Cox, JeffThe Goal
Hanson, William, M.D.Smart Medicine
Pink, Daniel H.
Potter, WendellDeadly Spin
Pronovost, Peter, M.D., et al.:Safe Patients, Smart Hospitals
Welch, H. Gilbert, Dr., et al.:
Overdiagnosed, Making People Sick in the Pursuit of Health

Book reviews:

The Goal by Elyahu M. Goldratt & Jeff Cox

This is a delightful book, although written in a fictional format, it is
an excellent dissertation on running a factory producing a product
and how: (1) production problems are identified, addressed and
resolved and (2) the quality of the product is improved.

As health care providers come under intense pressure to reduce
costs, increase productivity and improve quality – all at the same
time, perhaps this book can produce some thoughtful ideas.

For the busy health care executive, this book is available in audio

Safe Patients, Smart Hospitals by Peter Pronovost, M.D. & Eric Vohr

We strongly recommend this book as a “must read.”

    Although this book’s primary focus is on the prevention of central
line infections, it contains excellent first person accounts of clinical
incidents and interpersonal relations problems that occurred within
Johns Hopkins Hospital.  They serve as clear examples of the
problems faced by management and clinical leadership in the day-to-
day operation of a hospital.   

Suggested viewing:

Recommended subscription publications:

The Wall Street Journal
Scientific American
Fast Company
Inc magazine

Thoughts and Opinions:

Dynamics of Change©

Nothing is ever static

Elements of change:

    Increased/decreased market share
    Economic gain/loss
    Positive/negative mind set
    Gain/loss of revenue producing resources
    Positive/negative image
    Technologically superior/substandard

Approaches to change:


        Ahead of the curve
        Provides choices
        Time to explore, design, test, implement, modify
        Opportunities to share risk – network with others
        Potential for economic gain
        Opportunity to gain:

            Staff support, input, participation
            Public acceptance
            3rd party involvement and support


        Behind the curve
        Competitor encroachment
        Potential for partial or total loss of market share
        Operate in crisis mode
        Inability to retain or attract qualified – specialized staff
        Erosion of technological skills/service

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